Here be Dragons. The Terrible Lizards of Komodo. by Alex Metcalfe

"Here be Dragons."

A Komodo dragon basks in the sun whilst tasting the air outside the camp kitchens on the island of Rinca, Indonesia. It must be dinner time soon?

The Indonesian tourist board in Labuan Bajo insist that the dragons are not fed, but the half dozen I counted lazily lounging around the camp suggested otherwise.

Rinca & Komodo National Park, Indonesia. 2015

The Call of the Desert by Alex Metcalfe

I heard howling in the desert one night, just one voice, metres from where I slept. It came softy at first, a whimper rising to a moan. A howl that pricked the hairs on my neck and made my heart jump. There was sadness and loss in that midnight song.

The morning revealed this old girl, warming herself in the early morning sun. Just looking for a spot of company.

The Devils Marbles, Northern Territory. Australia 2015.