Wanderlust Active Travel Photographer of the Year by Alex Metcalfe

Well, turns out my photos aren’t so bad. If you hadn’t heard, I’ve pretty stoked to say last month I won the Active Category in the Wanderlust Travel Photo of the Year awards at the Destinations Holiday and Travel Show with my shot of two mountaineers caught in a blizzard in the Cairngorms, Scotland.

There were some other fantastic entries and I recommend you check out the other winners here.

Travel and Destinations Roadshow, The Olympia, London. February 2018.

Of Bums & Billionaires by Alex Metcalfe

The Homeless Musician

Lars, a homeless Lithuanian migrant, plays the recorder for people on Oxford Street, but no one wants to listen. To be honest, he isn’t very good. There are a few pennies, cents and other pieces of shrapnel in his plastic fruit punnet. But, the performance is a ruse. He likes to people watch.

“London is a city of bums and billionaires,” he told me as we sat with our backs to the cold concrete of Oxford Street.

“She doesn’t take kindly to homeless, especially in winter.”

Being a bit of a bum himself he moves around the city a lot, he has his favourite spots; Parliament Square, Trafalgar, by the lock in Camden.

The problem is he says, “I just can’t settle down.”

London, England. September 2015