The Life & Times of Alex Metcalfe

Photograph © 2014 Jeff Murray

Well, hello there. I’m Alex, a photojournalist, writer and climber born and raised in the Hobbit county of Buckinghamshire, England. Like old Bilbo, I too need an adventure, and from time to time travel internationally for work and projects.

For the last four years I've lived and travelled abroad, notably in Russia, South-East Asia & Australia. It was here photography found me.

As I travelled, I found myself happiest in the remotest corners of the world, scrabbling up and falling down mountains and interacting with the local people.

I developed an interest in cultural anthropology and would often be invited to stay with indigenous people, who found my stumbling attempts at their language humorous. I am particularly interested in the effect Westernization has on the lifestyles of traditional people and where exactly the line is, in balancing modernization with culture.

The more I learnt about my new friends, the more I wanted to tell their stories; to raise awareness and enable change within a wider audience. The medium of my lens was a fantastic way to transcend all cultural and linguistic barriers; all we had to do was to take a picture and pull a face.

It took a while before I found a way to join my love of writing with photography, but I became hooked on writing the story behind a photo and of its composition. I regularly write and you can find further examples of my work on my blog.

Music plays a huge part in my life and I love to jam with local musicians on my guitar whilst travelling. It was whilst experimenting with filmmaking that I began to compose my own musical scores, of which I hope to add to my documentaries in the future.

I'm not a fan of conventional travel. It's the unusual, weird and whacky things that fascinate me in life. Whether it’s riding an ostrich, learning to snake charm or climbing an uncharted part of the map. But from all my travels I truly believe that life is about people.

Travelling nurtured my love of the mountains and I’m an aspiring mountaineer, regularly climbing around the UK and Europe.

I recently won my first international photography award, the Wanderlust Active Travel Photo of the Year, held at the Destinations Holiday and Travel Show, London with my shot of two mountaineers caught in a blizzard in the Cairngorms, Scotland. You can see the winning entry here. As a consequence they packed me off to Costa Rica on my first international photography shoot with the tourism board.

When I'm not dangling from a rope you may find me down at the local rock club with my band. We do requests, but no Sex on Fire.


Wanderlust Adventure Photo of the Year 2018

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