Here be Dragons. The Terrible Lizards of Komodo. by Alex Metcalfe

"Here be Dragons."

A Komodo dragon basks in the sun whilst tasting the air outside the camp kitchens on the island of Rinca, Indonesia. It must be dinner time soon?

The Indonesian tourist board in Labuan Bajo insist that the dragons are not fed, but the half dozen I counted lazily lounging around the camp suggested otherwise.

Rinca & Komodo National Park, Indonesia. 2015

The Nuclear Issue by Alex Metcalfe

There are a lot of arguments for nuclear disarmament. The loudest I heard was stood among the elderly Japanese of the Hiroshima Peace Park, as they spoke of the sudden flash and the day the world truly changed. 

I reflected this upon a sobering sunset at the Itsukushima Shrine. 

Miyajima Island, Japan. February 2012.

The Times They Are a Changing. In Venice Anyway... by Alex Metcalfe

Bob Dylan wrote: "the times they are a changing." No where could this be more apparent than Venice, whose streets resound to the tramp of over 20 million pairs of tourist feet a year.

I saw an old Venetian man surveying the crowds of a busy public square during the scrum of lunch hour. What do you think his expression says?

Venice, Italy 2016.

Feed the Population by Alex Metcalfe

Barbarity, or just humanity? 

Blood runs freely from the nubs of cattle's freshly cut horns as they are loaded for market. Why? So they do not injure themselves or bruise the meat of others.

For the musterers, this is their livelihood hood and they were hesitant of photos being taken. They know the repercussions and attitudes of people unused to this industry. 

As I worked with them, during the processing of cattle, they acted with the utmost professionalism for the animals. Only performing what was "necessary", and not once goading or provoking the cattle. It was rumoured on another ranch, scientists were trying to breed hornless cattle, thus to eliminate this stressful act. 

For now, as long as we expect fresh meat in the supermarket for a growing population and continue to lead a predominately meat based diet, intensive farming will continue.

The Northern Territory, Australia 2015.