Photograph © 2014 Jeff Murray

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Born and raised in Hobbit country Buckinghamshire, England, I'm a photojournalist and mountaineer in training.

For the last four years I've lived and travelled abroad, notably in Siberia, Asia & Australasia. I'm not a fan of conventional travel. Whether it be riding in Malaysia's annual ostrich derby, climbing in the Himalayas or playing cowboy and mustering in the Australian outback. It's the unusual, weird and wonderful things that fascinate me.

But I also love being with people. As I travelled, I found myself happiest in the remotest corners of the world; scrabbling up mountains and interacting with the locals. I often lived with them for long periods of time learning their language, customs and beliefs.

The more I learnt about my new friends, the more I wanted to tell their story; of environmental issues, the clash of globalisation and tradition or just the concerns for an elderly grandmother for her family. Through the medium of my lens our interactions transcended all cultural and linguistic barriers; all we had to do was to take a picture and pull a face. 

Photo stories are what drives me.  Whether it’s on the street, in travel or with my family; I want to show you people in their natural environment. I will show you a story in its rawest form, as if you were there with me.

When I'm not dangling from a rope you may find me down at the local rock club with my band. We do requests, but no Sex on Fire.

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